About Alchemy - Writings by Anne O'Keeffe

The Alchemical Process

Alchemy is about the nexus between creativity and spirituality.

It’s about the potent space between these two worlds, where there is potential for transformation. The intention of Alchemy is to stimulate a synergy between creativity and spirituality and for transformation to occur - as we transmute 'base metal' into gold, as change becomes possible through our deepened awareness.

Creativity is about expressing the core self. Spirituality is about recognising the connection between ourselves and universal energy. The 'radiant essence' of the core self can be expressed energetically and as we do this, it is possible to experience a connection with universal energy. This can be felt in the dance as a sensation of flow – it’s as if we’re riding a wave, as if the energy is moving through us, not from us. Through the act of dancing we can touch the vastness of space, the endlessness of universal energy, even the river of consciousness itself. And at the centre of this place is stillness, a deep peace, a feeling of oneness with all things.

Alchemy is about giving ourselves permission to express the core self through the act of dancing, and to commit to a process of connection and discovery. The more we connect with ourselves, with each other and with our environment, the more present we are – as improvisers, as performers, as people.

Alchemy recognises the profound connection between being in the present moment and the core of the creative self. Through focusing on moment-to-moment awareness, it is possible to release the internal critic and to liberate ourselves through the dance. This practice of presence and authenticity becomes a metaphor for life.

Alchemy is a community – a community of enquirers into what it means to be in the present moment – what it means to be connected to the self, connected to others and connected to the space and energy around us that moves through us. Alchemy is a journey simultaneously into the self and into the world beyond us – our life energy released joyously into the space, to connect with the life energy of others. Inner life and outer expression integrate and align.

Alchemy is moving meditation. It is about communion with the self – silence, stillness, connection and integration. Alchemy is about community – the embrace of the other, inter-dependence, trust and shared experience. Alchemy is about communication - what it is to be human in this moment and the courage to have this witnessed.

Alchemy is about personal growth and awareness, about life, love, dance and art.

And it’s about the joy and peace that lies at the centre of all these things.

- Anne O’Keeffe, 2011

Photography by Romeo Viglino