...for artists with an evolving career in acting, dance or music theatre, I also offer private coaching.

My aim is to inspire artists to make deep connections with their inner life and to create work that is conscious, present and embodied. I bring to my work a profound commitment to artistic integrity and authenticity and provide a warm, generous space where creativity is affirmed and nurtured. In August 2016, I received the inaugural Pegasus Scholarship, which acknowledges teachers of excellence in the field of acting. I was honoured to receive this scholarship, an affirmation and celebration of my teaching skills. 

I have enjoyed a career as a drama, dance and music theatre teacher for 35 years, as well as working extensively in the arts industry as an actor, dancer, singer, choreographer, and director.  I was Senior Movement Tutor at the National Theatre Drama School for 14 years. I have taught Improvisation for 15 years in the Faculty of Dance at Victorian College of the Arts and Movement for Actors for 8 years in the Music Theatre Faculty. I currently teach Movement for Actors at 16th Street Actors Studio and Brave Studios, as well as in the Acting Faculty at Victorian College of the Arts. In the broader arts community, I have facilitated the ‘Alchemy’ movement improvisation classes for the past 18 years. The body’s knowledge is at the centre of all my teaching, for it is the home of the heart and the primary source of our intuition. 

For ACTORS or MUSIC THEATRE ARTISTS, I bring a performance career that goes back to Rusden Drama/Dance in 1979; followed by work in text-based theatre in the '80s, then dance theatre and multi-disciplinary theatre from the 90's. For 9 years, I have been DRAMA AND MOVEMENT COACH for the cast of NEIGHBOURS (Fremantle Media), working with scores of actors from 7 to 70 years old. In this context and my private coaching practice, I tailor these sessions to the needs of each individual, whilst at the same time remaining sensitive to the vision of writers, directors and producers. With an interest in embodied approaches to the craft, my work is particularly informed by the techniques of Michael Chekhov and Rudolf Laban. 

In my private coaching practice, I have prepared actors for auditions or roles in Top of the Lake, Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries, The Doctor Blake Mysteries, Wentworth and films such as The Turning and Disney's Cinderella. I support actors seeking help with developing a character, text analysis (actions, objectives, super-objectives, beats etc), postural alignment, presence and embodiment, personalisation and connection, identifying and releasing creative blocks, vocal work (I'm also a trained singer), audition preparation, building and refining personal process, etc. I have also coached TV presenters and have been an outside eye/mentor for many artists developing theatre or film projects for the past 20 years. 

For DANCERS, I offer 40 years experience as a contemporary dancer and choreographer. I have taught Choreography at the Victorian College of the Arts for 7 years and have been Artistic Director of my company Sirensong for 20 years - a production company integrating the art forms of dance, acting and singing. I support dancers seeking help with postural alignment, presence and embodiment, release work (drawing in particular on Skinner Releasing Technique), identifying and releasing creative blocks, improvisation, audition preparation,  clarifying and refining choreographic practise, etc. For 20 years, I have mentored many dance artists developing choreography for performance. 

I coach from my home in HAMPTON, Victoria: one-on-one, or in small groups. Reasonable rates apply.

Please ring me on 0411 218 101 or email me on and I look forward to supporting your specific needs.

Warm Regards, Anne O'Keeffe



"I cannot speak highly enough of Anne. She is the most amazing teacher and mentor! By focusing on breath and physical exploration, Anne has given me invaluable tools to get out of my head and into my body. This process has been integral in breathing a fresh new life into my character work, taking my performances to the next level. Thanks Anne!!" 

 Menik Gooneratne

"I first met Anne as a young actor, five years ago on the set of Neighbours. Anne was the bridge for me between child actor and professional adult. She fuelled my interest to delve into learning more about the craft. Anne continues to assist me in discovering my characters through movement, visualisation and vocalisation. What I love about Anne’s process as a coach is that she is able to adapt to the way that works best for you. Anne creates a safe and comfortable environment in which she allows you to explore. I continue to seek Anne’s expertise with my auditions, because I know that after returning from a session I always feel more confident about my work and more developed as an actor. I cannot emphasise more how much I appreciate Anne and would recommend her to any actor seeking coaching for a job, audition or professional advice."

Kiaya Jones

"I had the absolute pleasure of working with Anne O'Keeffe during my time at Neighbours. Once a week I made sure I booked in with her so we could work on anything from scenes coming up that week, to mapping an arc for my character...and sometimes our sessions would even turn into a personal counselling session! I loved working with Anne as she helped me find grounding qualities in my work, she pushed me to enhance my vocal technique and often gave me material from acting books that she knew would support where I was heading both personally and with the character. Anne was a wonderful coach for me and someone I will always keep close."

Tim Phillips

"I've had the pleasure of working with Anne quite extensively over the past few years. Not only has she helped me develop my skills as an artist in a range of different environments, but she has also consistently been there for me as a personal mentor, offering her guidance in times of need. Anne really invests in those that she works with, ensuring that she makes a positive difference to their work. It's comforting being in the hands on someone like Anne, who I can always trust will treat my work as if it's her own." 

James Mason

"Hello lovely Anne! It's Peta from 16th Street here! I just wanted to say thank you so much for always being so present, supportive and committed to myself and to the group. I will treasure your wisdom and teachings for the rest of my life. You've unlocked so many doors within myself and in this craft and you inspire me to keep going, keep exploring, and most of all to keep an open heart wherever I go and with whomever I meet - and especially with myself. THANK YOU! For everything."

Peta Korotkov