‘…Alchemy means so much for me. It has been a place of transformation, friendships, authenticity and pure joy. Alchemy provided me with an emotional balance to accompany me through the transitions of my life. Thank you Anne for your being-ness, fullness, dedication to your truth and spirit. Thanks for sharing your gifts and your art of improvisation, thanks for dancing with the moment, embracing the breath and being so sensitive to others.’



‘…You are an amazing teacher and you have an amazing gift – you create a safe place for people to work, a nurturing, nourishing place that is without fear or judgment…for everything that you have helped me to achieve and the growth, guidance and nurturing you have given me I cannot thank you enough…’



‘…I feel as though the biggest thing I have gained through working with you is the affirmation that it is ok to just be me, whatever me is there in the moment...there is no need to hide, alter, subvert, impress, entertain, comply...just be! You have really offered me the opportunity to unlock, unveil, explore and challenge myself in many different ways and this has certainly re-fired my desire to create and challenge myself choreographically, creatively, performatively and personally. Why be complacent when you can be curious?’



‘…Thank you so much for providing a space where like minded and open hearted people can share themselves so freely and completely. It is a beautiful thing to be a part of. I have had the most rewarding time. My soul feels cleansed and nurtured. Working with you reminds me of how important movement and dance are to my life - for the moments when I am in the dance my mind is no longer master, body and mind are one and are working together, in some way it is like becoming nothing, just pure energy, breath.’



‘…You have such a beautiful, accepting presence that holds the space, creating a container that feels so safe and encouraging to expand. I guess the main feeling is that you're always coming from your heart. There's a silent permission or invitation of allowance that I feel really touched by and respect and honour you for....your’e offering something really sacred and amazing, something that has impacted my journey in an deepening, nurturing, healing and expansive way...so THANK YOU.’


 Dance soulfully, live joyfully 

Photography by Simon Camroux