Founded by Anne O’Keeffe in 1998, Sirensong is a dance theatre company which focuses on integrating movement, text and singing to create a dynamic new form. Committed to deep kinaesthetic embodiment of both physical and verbal text, Sirensong aims to transform audiences through innovative, intimate theatrical experiences.

The company’s first production, Walk on Water, explored women’s relationship with water using poetic visual imagery and live a cappella singing in the Celtic tradition. Walk on Water was supported by the City of Melbourne and presented at the Women’s Pool at the Melbourne City Baths in 1999, followed by a sell-out return season in March, 2000.

Anne O’Keeffe then created and performed Sex and Death, a full-length solo piece exploring love and loss from a woman’s perspective. Influenced by Buddhism and Hindu mythology, Sex and Death was presented in two seasons at Chapel Off Chapel, Melbourne, in October 2002 and January, 2003; supported by Chapel Off Chapel and the National Theatre.

Anne then developed and performed in Song of Longing, as part of a Master of Choreography. Song of Longing depicted the journey of five women - from transition to transcendence, and from isolation to interconnectedness. A dialogue between the fleeting and the eternal, Song of Longing was performed at Victorian College of Arts, Melbourne, in 2008.

Through movement, text and song, Sirensong aims to create work that is a feast for the eyes, ears and heart.

Photography by Mark Wilson and Ian Dun