Poetry arising from the Alchemy Process...


She dances,

She dances. Like a Spanish

queen, gypsy like,


Pointed, yet flowing, 

Inherent strength- her hands have held babies, 

they have baked

and gardened,

She weaves her own magic dance in earth and space-

uplifting her heart as she remembers who she truly is.

She is......becoming.

Not yet, or ever,

nothing- she still grows.

More and more, sophisticated

in her passionate gestures,

She swims through life-

capturing moments in her heart

that she savours in each movement response-

Beauty becomes her. It is her.

She unfolds to her own light.

Radiant and bold.

fingers like sun beams-

Touch time as she enters the moment- without grasping-

she curiously- invokes the 

place inside, that is

its own ocean, its own

river, its own soft warm

damp earth, fecund in its

potential to grow, new

branches emerge- even the oldest

trees still grow new supple-

green and juicy leaves,

and they are the most majestic-

Their strength and power

fills the forest with their

intricacies, the beauty of time

etched in their bodies,

the delicacy of their tendrils-

The strength of their roots-

The subtle nuance of the moment. The moment

The moment.

something drops. And. she-

she still sways, the

moon sun and sky are

her playmates-

the earth, her home.

Resting, In her fullness.

She has arrived. home.

by Charlotte Roberts (inspired by Fiona Couttie dancing: August 23, 2016)


Strength and elegant grace

Stretching through muscle

to bring exquisite tenderness

An embrace

A Theatre of being

in this human embrace

in this lightness of earthly being


buffeted in and through

Many incarnations  of wind  and sun and earth

Always on the move

with a dignity belying the body

youthful but ancient

girl and woman

gnarled and sylphlike 

but with an ease

and tranquility

A harmony, a song

for the living

for life giving 


by Fiona Couttie

(inspired by Charlotte Roberts dancing: August 23, 2016)